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BI Staff

This is a new major section of the BIship site. Pages here will contain a growing amount of information about BI's staff, both ashore and afloat. The information will be collected mainly from BI's own publications but with occasional reference to other sources as well.

Staff pages:
Commanders (Ships and Commanders 1877 & 1880)   Shore Staff - London*
Commanders (Ships and Commanders 1904-1924)   Shore Staff - Calcutta
Commanders (Ships and Commanders 1930)   Shore Staff - Bombay
Commanders (Commanders by seniority 1949-1957)   Shore Staff - Karachi
Chief Engineers (Chief Engineers by seniority 1949-1957)    Shore Staff - Colombo
Commodores (Fleet and Engineer from 1927)   Shore Staff - Rangoon
    Shore Staff - Akyab
BI War Memorial (for the two World Wars)   Shore Staff - Singapore
    Shore Staff - Sydney
    * inc Royal Albert Docks

(With thanks to Tony Harris (who began as a cadet in BI in 1945), for making
the start on this section project, and to David Mitchell who supplied some
of the BI documents)

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