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Forthcoming books

BI - British India Steam Navigation Company Limited by W A Laxon and F W Perry. Publication by Ninety North, UK. ISBN 1 904503 00 4. Published November 2002Laxon and Perry book on CD
This is a second edition of the mighty Laxon & Perry reference work on BI ships and company history. Every BI ship - more than 500 of them - plus managed vessels and auxiliary craft are shown with principal particulars and salient details of service. More than 500 photographs accompany the text in this work, which was first published eight years ago in hardback which quickly sold out. This new edition contains all the earlier chapters on services, company history, livery and maps together with updates and additions. It also has a forword by the present Lord Inchcape, descendant of the first Inchcape who was largely responsible for making BI the world force it was to become.This edition is in electronic format and is available on CD. It is fully searchable. The special launch price of £29.50 applies for a limited period. See publisher Ninety North's site for details and an order form for the free CD access pack.


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