Runnymede Reunion
October 2008
photos by Lyndon Johnson

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Padgets and Wheelers

John Simkins and Tony Gray

Derek McSherry



Nevasa group with bell and plate

Nevasa group - includes this photographer!

"...It's over there"
Peter Walker and Bunny Williams

River cruise, lower deck with Monica Hall nearest camera and, standing, John Spence

River cruise lunch with Maureen and Brian Faulkner on left

River cruise lunch

Nigel and Glenna Hastings

Rosie Chillingworth

Sue Spence

Ten in line, includes Ian Denholm, Doug Brodie, Elisabeth and Peter Lemcke-Braselmann, and Penny Van Daele

Photos by Bill Blake

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Roger Northcote, Jeanette Whiteley, Tony Gray, Anny Moorhouse, Rosie Chillingworth (hidden), Diane Blake, Pauline Gray, Mike Bechley

from left: John Prescott, John Spence, Mike Bechley, Sue Spence (nearest camera), Diane Blake, Roger Northcote